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Intro Photo #1

California Trails Association

Advertisement Design

— Concept & Strategy

California Trails Association is a case study of a regional program campaigning to encourage locals of the Bay Area to hike their surrounding trails. I used photos I had taken during my hiking adventures and transformed them into poster designs made for outdoor advertisements. The posters are specifically for high traffic areas such as bus stops, train stations, and freeway billboards to better reach the target audience. The art direction involved type integration with scenic images of hiking trails, resulting in a seamless and natural interaction between the two elements.

Original Photos

Original San Francisco Img Original Sunol Img Original Marin Img Original San Ramon Img Original Montereyn Img Original Walnut Creek Img

Poster Designs

San Francisco Poster Sunol Poster Marin Poster San Ramon Poster Monterey Poster Walnut Creek Poster

OOH Mock-ups

San Francisco Mockup Sunol Mockup Marin Mockup San Ramon Mockup Monterey Mockup Walnut Creek Mockup