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Ketos is a case study based on a food establishment with a mission to provide fresh, delicious, and nutritious chef-prepared meals to an audience who share an interest in maintaining healthy behaviors. I took my inspiration from the Ketogenic diet and developed a brand focused on providing customers with interactive food packaging designs that teach and promote the diet. Combining functionality, duality, and convenience was the best approach to execute this design.

Brand Identity Development

Ketos' brand identity represents health, convenience, and an on-the-go lifestyle. Its logo was designed with a sense of movement seen within the orientation of the logo, type that felt organic, natural colors relating to well-being, and an avocado to represent the keto diet.


Vector graphics

Ketos uses simple yet fun and colorful graphic images across all its products to make the sharing of information easy, intuitive, and entertaining to the audience.

Vector Graphics

Ketos Carrier Development

Ketos' carrier is a dual purpose carrier made to carry a meal and unfold into an informative poster. With the carrier, customers can learn about the Ketogenic diet while having their keto-friendly meal.

Carrier Design Carrier 1 Carrier 2 Carrier 3

Ketos Food Container & Wrap Development

Additionally, Ketos' goal is to provide its customers to take home more than just a meal, but also offer limited time recipes that can be shared with friends and family. The food container packaging design combines both ideas. The container is wrapped by two sided paper with one side of the paper introducing the meal and its nutrition facts while the other side includes the recipe of that meal.

Container & Wrap Design Container 1 Container 2 Container 3 Container 4

Ketos Coffee Cup Development

Ketos takes pride in their coffee as they do with their meals. Naturally, it's important that they share why their coffee stands out from their competitors. Ketos coffee cup takes on a new perspective for interactive coffee cups. The cup design is combined with a cup warmer and together they provide an interactive experience in learning more about Ketos coffee sourcing, coffee handling, and their values in upholding quality standards.

Coffee Cup Design Coffee Cup

Ketos Uniform

Workers at Ketos can be found wearing white aprons and white visors with Ketos' logo and slogan embroidered onto the apparel.

Ketos Uniform

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