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The Afrofuturist Podcast

Website Redesign | Visual Design

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— Concept & Strategy

The Afrofuturist Podcast is a radio show that examines issues around black representation, the black future and black agency. The show needed to elevate their online presence in order to connect virtually with their audience. I had the opportunity to take their existing website and redesign its userinterface and userexperience. I also used HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript to code the entire site. The result led to a user-friendly responsive landing page focused on promoting podcast episodes and building an online community for The Afrofuturist Podcast audience.

Original Website

Original Website Image

— The initial website lacked a navigation function, a structured layout, and most importantly it lacked personality. Understanding the weakpoints lead to the bigger efforts of research and planning.

Image Retouch & Manipulation Process


— Original image content from existing website.


— Using Photoshop, I polished up the image by removing the stars and the hard edges of the opening around the subject.


— Lastly, I sourced a photo of a nebula and using Photoshop, I combined it with the polished version of the original image as well as created a more interesting opening around the subject.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture



Web Application


Mobile View

— Takeaways

The success of this website hinged on organization and functionality to create an intuitive user experience. In designing the visual layout, I considered the minimal amount of web content that the company had and decided that utilizing type hierarchy, color, and sourcing images that have a galactic, cosmic feel lead to a more compelling experience for the end user.